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Keep Sharon's Conservation Water Rates
The Petition
To the Sharon Board of Selectmen/Water Commissioners:
We the undersigned residents of Sharon support our existing conservation-oriented water rate structure, which features ascending block rates, higher summer rates,
Paul Lauenstein   27 Jun 08:39 PM

How do you want to see Sharon in the future?
When asked about the Sharon you want to live in and see in the future, what comes to mind? Are you satisfied with the way the Sharon community works at present, or do you want to bring change into it instead? Some may find that Sharon
Alexander Korin   23 Jun 06:01 PM

News & Announcements
Public Hearing - Uarterly Water Rates
A Public Hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 7:00 PM at the Sharon Town Offices, 90 South Main Street, Sharon, to discuss a
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Water Department   21 Oct 12:04 PM
The Cost of Water
Sharon withdraws close to half a billion gallons of water annually from its six municipal drinking water wells. That's about one-third of the
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Paul Lauenstein   31 Mar 08:14 PM
Article about water rates
Visit www.sharonfoc.org/interest/water_rates.html to read this article by Paul Lauenstein.
Visit www.ipetitions.com/petition/keep-conservation-water-rates/
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Paul Lauenstein   08 Aug 11:56 AM
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