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Alice’s Mandarin Taste is a restaurant located in Sharon, MA that specializes in Szechuan & Mandarin cuisines.

After just one visit to our restaurant you will quickly realize why it’s called “Alice’s Mandarin Taste.” Our founder, Alice Hui, has been omnipresent in the venue for over two decades.  And when you return, don’t be surprised – Alice will most likely greet you by name.  It’s “the suburban version of Cheers,” according to The Boston Globe’s glowing food review.

Alice’s Mandarin Taste has been built upon two core tenets:
1.Preparing the highest quality food possible
2.Providing the best and most friendly customer service possible

While competitors have come and gone, our focus on these core goals has kept us in business for more than two decades.

Focus on Authentic Foods.

Alice’s Mandarin Taste is owned and operated by experts in Chinese Food preparation.  We offer a nice mix of popular fare and more “authentic” Szechuan and Mandarin dishes.

Healthy Cooking

All of our recipes that require cooking oil are prepared with soy bean oil, which contains
half the saturated fat content of other vegetable oils and no cholesterol.
We do not add M.S.G to our food.