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Statement of Principle

Sharon Country Day Camp, founded owned and operated by the Hershman Family for 50 years, is located amidst picturesque & country surroundings in Walpole, Massachusetts.

We have every facility, activity, & sport to make your child’s summer an enjoyable, healthy, safe, and instructive experience. We provide a full day program for boys and girls ages 5 – 14, that promotes new interests & builds skill and self reliance through fun and adventure. We also offer a Kiddie Camp, for children ages 4 to young 5. At Sharon Country Day, we truly are family, and be assured that your youngsters’ well being and accomplishments are of the utmost importance to us.

We believe at Sharon Country Day that boys and girls should have a growth experience as persons, and that such an experience involves an acceptance of sound moral values and social responsibilities.

We further believe that Sharon Country Day Camp should offer its campers an opportunity to broaden their horizons, to gain knowledge by acquiring skills, and to experience the happiness of special friendships and memorable times.

We want our campers to be active and willing participants, to have their interests stimulated by the natural environment that surrounds them, to learn new skills and improve on old ones, to have a sense of belonging and a feeling of security, to gain status in their own age group, to receive recognition for achievement and accomplishment, and to acquire self-esteem and confidence.

We are confident that all of these goals can be achieved through a well balanced program, supervised by a mature and competent staff who are aware and sensitive to the needs of the individual camper. All of us at Sharon Country Day are totally committed and completely dedicated to the fulfillment of these objectives.

We have a very special place here for children. Come join us for this, our 50th year, & become a part of our family camp experience.