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The Community Kollel of Sharon is an educational resource for all of Sharon’s synagogues and Jewish institutions which helps to engage families in Jewish learning through strong personal relationships and engaging programming.

As a result, the Kollel aims to unite all of  Sharon’s diverse circles in order to create a unified community that shares a common appreciation for the value of Jewish learning and focuses on the values that we all share.

We envision a future of the South Shore being a learning hub, a Makom Torah buzzing with an excitement and engagement in learning that spans all denominations.

We pride ourselves on building strong and lasting relationships with all the members of our community. Through innovative and exciting classes, individualized study sessions, community-wide learning projects, Shabbat hospitality, and popular community dinners, we aim to continue building community through the joy of Jewish learning.

Whatever age, denomination, life stage or background, all Jews in Sharon will find a welcome home at the Kollel, where the beauty, sophistication and relevance of Torah tradition is introduced with eloquence, humor and passion.