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614 South Main St., Sharon, MA


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The Basics

Our club is comprised of children ranging in ages from 6 to 18. At this Sharon location, our members learn the responsibilities involved in owning and caring for various livestock animals such as goats, sheep, poultry, rabbits, horses and dairy cows.

The Sunnyrock 4-H Club consists of Sheep, Goat, Rabbit, Poultry and Horse Clubs. This is a working barn where each member is responsible for helping out with all the animals as needed and taking care of general housekeeping chores.

This is not a club for people who think that the animals are cute and it would be fun to feed them and pet them. Be prepared to get dirty, muck out stalls, scrub water buckets, wade through mud, rain and snow and all this in 0 - 100 degree weather! Be prepared to make some great friends, laugh alot, learn about animals, and have fun!


Our 4-H leasing program began in 1985 as the "Big M Rabbit Club" under the leadership of Joe Major and Maria Cataldo. The early club, located at the Sunny Rock Farm in Walpole, boasted members not only from Walpole but also many surrounding towns. Members met each week to learn rabbit care and have some fun.

In the Spring of 1989, the club expanded in both membership and livestock as well as diversity and spirit. At this point, the animal projects included dairy, sheep, goats, poultry and rabbits.

In May of 2000, due to the generosity of the Ward family, the club was able to move to its present location in Sharon. Through the dedication and hard work of its membership, we look forward to revitalizing our original commitment to providing a healthy and fun environment for all of our children, volunteers and of course, our animals.