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Sports Club has been a unique and popular all sports program for young children since 1974. Sports Club separates itself from other sports programs because of the personalized way we set up our groups, and the emphasis we put into building a foundation of teamwork, sportsmanship, and friendship into our kids. When children join Sports Club, we speak to parents to get background information on their kids.

We place them in groups by grade and development. We build up skills and confidence in those that need that, and we put more advanced children in groups that challenge them. No matter what group they are in, they know that what is most important to us is their effort, teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect for others. In this way, when we do play games, winning and losing are put in their proper place. The philosophy is friends and fun first, winning second. It’s fine to want to win and compete hard, but no one should feel like they have to win. If they lose a game, they can still be proud of how they acted.

Sports Club has a very experienced, mature staff that is well liked by kids and parents. Since kids tend to stay in Sports Club for three or four years, we all get to know each other very well, and have a great flow of communication.

Sports Club ends after the third grade, but we enjoy keeping up with “our kids.” Some come back to be assistant coaches. They become great role models to the younger kids. It is also fun to see them pursue their talents and abilities in so many different areas through their high school years. Since Sports Club is 39 years old, it is exciting that a number of former Sport Clubbers have moved back to the area as married adults, and are now sending their kids to Sports Club. They feel they gained a lot from our program, and want their kids to have the same experience. That is extremely gratifying to us.

HONORS: In 1998 Sports Club was honored by the Sharon Public Schools and inducted into the Ordinary Heroes Hall of Fame for our contribution to the children of our community.