How do you want to see Sharon in the future?
When asked about the Sharon you want to live in and see in the future, what comes to mind? Are you satisfied with the way the Sharon community works at present, or do you want to bring change into it instead? Some may find that Sharon is an excellent place to live the way it is and don't want to alter anything, but others might feel malcontent towards present life in Sharon. If asked about the way you picture Sharon in the future, what would you say?
Author:Alexander Korin
Responses: Sharon should definitely get a pool into the new Middle School or High School because it would provide an area for our Sharon Swim and Dive team to practice as well as save us the money we pay for transportation to and use of other school pools and would also bring in money that would come from the other nearby towns that would want to use our pool as a practice area as well.
23 Jun 06:03 PM
They should buy less technology so they can afford for sports without the requirement of students to pay
05 Feb 10:43 AM
A pool is a big need and Sharon obviously has the swimmers to fill it as Sharons swim team has to have tryouts as to many kids want to swim.
28 Jul 12:45 PM
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