Info  School Department
Date: 12 November 2014
Time: 07:00 PM
Location: Sharon High School Library
1.  Welcome

2.  Superintendant’s Address
Mr. Tim Farmer discussing the Sharon High School Existing Conditions        Study/Long Term Plans

3.  Principal’s Report

4.  Approve October 2014 Board Minutes

5.  Treasurer’s Report

6.  Old Business
a.  Update on the Helping Hands Poker Fundraisers
b.  Update on the Car Raffle
c.  Update on Bidding for Good
d.  Joanie Geltman program
e.  NHS update

7. New Business
a. Newsletter Update
b. World Pay
c. Financial Literacy Fair
d. Car Raffle – Upcoming events
e. Grants

8. Closing
Sharon TV