Info  Finance Committee
Date: 15 June 2015
Time: 07:30 PM
Location: Town Hearing Room - 2nd Floor, Community Center
I. Welcome and schedule orientation for new members

II. Approval of meetings of previous meeting(s)

III. Discussion and vote reserve fund transfer for snow and ice

IV. Finance Director to provide update on status of FY2014 audit and plans/timetable for FY2015
audit; timetable for tax recapitulation process (September - December 2015)

V. Town Administrator updates
 a. potential FY2016 budget variances (revenue: state aid, cell tower monetization, billboards)
 b. status report on economic development initiatives
 c. implementation of articles approved at Annual Town Meeting

VI. Review proposed timetable for fall Special Town Meeting (if a meeting is called by Selectmen)

VII. Update on peer town analysis (Alex Korin and Laura Nelson)

VIII. Update on hiring process for new Finance Committee secretary

IX. Committee reorganization - election of chair, vice-chair and clerk

X. Discussion on information to develop for planned joint meeting with Selectmen and School
Committee on Thursday, September 10

XI. Consideration of any items not anticipated at least 48 hours prior to the meeting

XII. Adjournment
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