Info  Finance Committee
Date: 10 September 2015
Time: 07:00 PM
Location: Administration Conference Room, Sharon Middle School
Board of Selectmen, School Committee and Finance Committee

Special Joint Meeting

I. Call to order, review of agenda and introductions (Selectmen chair Bill Heitin)

?. Review of the Town's fiscal condition
 a. FY2015 dose-out and status of FY2016 budget (Finance Director Cindy Doherty)
 b. review of one-time revenues and free cash availability (Town Administrator Fred Turkington)
 c. review of historical financial trends (taxes, debt service, fringe benefits)
 d. economic development status report (Selectmen chair Bill Heitin)

?. Preliminary look into FY2017 budget issues
 a. review preliminary worksheets (revenues, fixed or uncontrollable expense estimates, debt)
 b. review non-exempt debt policy, cash capital commitment (Capital Outlay chair Paul Linehan)
 c. potential special town meeting in January 2016 (Selectmen chair Bill Heitin)
 d. potential reconsideration of Heights roof project (School Committee chair Veronica Wiseman)
 e. discuss tax target approach to developing FY2017 budget (Finance Committee chair Bill Brack)
 f. potential process changes to be discussed and recommended by Priorities Committee
    1. potential reassignment of department budgets between Finance and Selectmen sectors
    2. use of omnibus budget motion at Annual Town Meeting
    3. handling of individual capital project appropriations

IV. Planning for our future (Town Administrator Fred Turkington)
 a. potential building projects (School and Town)
   1. Heights Elementary School and Sharon High School Existing Conditions Studies
   2. Schools five-year Capital Outlay Projection
   3. Town offices ADA compliance and space utilization; adaptive re-use of fire station
   4. Library facilities
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