Info  Selectmen
Date: 23 February 2016
Time: 06:30 PM
Location: Hearing Room, 2nd Floor, Community Center
1. 6:30pm Finance Director Cindy Doherty – Bond Authorization Note Approval
a. Bond vote

2. 6:45pm Larry Yaffe - SYBSA Opening Weekend Activities and Carnival
a. Outline of events
b. Proposed motion for carnival: To approve SYBSA’s request for their
2016 opening weekend activities and carnival, pending obtaining
necessary approvals by Police, Fire, DPW and Board of Health.

3. 6:50pm Vote to approve Alcohol License Change of Manager for Machapuchre, Inc d/b/a Coriander
a. ABCC application materials

4. 7:00pm Discussion regarding beach procedures and beach fees
a. Memo and related materials

5. 7:15pm Recreation Director Interview – Tiffany Quinn
a. Application materials

6. 7:30pm Recreation Director Interview – Christine Kasparian
a. Application materials

7. 7:45pm Recreation Director Interview – Linda Berger
a. Application materials

8. 8:00pm Discussion regarding One School Street property use
a. Related materials

9. 8:15pm Vote to appoint new Recreation Director

10. 8:30pm Review and Approve Consent Calendar
I. Vote to approve regular session minutes of February 2, 2016
 a. February 2 minutes

II. Vote to approve for the Town to join the HGAC Buy cooperative purchasing program
 a. Memorandum
 b. Interlocal Contract for Cooperative Purchasing

III. Vote to approve the banner request of the Sharon Historical Society for May 31 – June 6, 2016 in first position and to waive the fee
 a. Banner request form

11. 8:35pm Report of the Town Administrator
 a. Bi - weekly report

12. 8:40pm Topics not reasonably anticipated forty - eight (48) hours in advance of the Meeting

13. 8:45pm Enter into Executive Session to discuss collective bargaining, and at the end, to adjourn for the evening

Items may not be discussed in the order listed or at the specific time estimated.  Times are approximate.

The meeting likely will be broadcast and videotaped for later broadcast by Sharon Community Television.
Sharon TV