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Please remember to vote on Tuesday!
I'm hoping that you'll vote for my friends Marcy Kaplan and Emily Smith-Lee for school Committee Bill Heitin for Selectmen

other contests are all unopposrd

Please vote for Marcy Kaplan Tuesday for School Committee.

Dear Fellow Sharon Resident:

I am writing this in support of Marcy Kaplan who is running for Sharon School Committee. As a former School Committee member, I know first hand the challenges faced by the School Committee. In particular, I know how hard it is to provide a strong education for all our students in the face of economic constraints. I believe that Marcy’s professional experience, pragmatic approach and collaborative style will benefit the School Committee.

Just recently, Marcy brought to the School Committee a concern about class size at the elementary school with a well-researched and detailed presentation. After the current School Committee members mentioned the significant cost to reducing class size, Marcy suggested having school aides currently employed by the elementary schools provide assistance in the those particular grades with larger class size. I was very impressed by her ability to come to a cost-effective and practical solution to a real problem. I was also very impressed at how well prepared she was to discuss this issue and how she suggested a resolution that took into account various concerns. I believe that she would be an excellent addition to our School Committee.

I also support Emily Smith-Lee. She has proven to be a committed School Committee member who listens to all sides and provides an independent and balanced approach.

Mitch Blaustein
School Committee Member 1994-2012
Massachusetts Association of School Committees Life Member
Mitch Blaustein